Happy New Year 2018!

Created on 2018/01/02
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Pydio 8 Introduces A New User Experience

Created on 2017/05/16
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Pydio 8 features a host of new features and significant UX improvements dedicated to helping companies secure their data.

Pydio 7 Definitively Closes the Gap on Online File Sharing Services

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Pydio 7 improves collaboration, sharing and scalability: including Workspaces, Inline-Editing, File Gateway and Pydio Booster.

From Pydio Android to Pydio Pro: journey of a full rewriting.

Created on 2016/06/23, Pydio Pro, Android, Mobile apps
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Although already powerful and having received a very good rating on the Google Play Store, our previous Pydio Android application was lacking some much awaited features. We first redesigned the Java SDK to make it more modular, ready to communicate with the new REST API. Then we implemented new features, and dusted off the UX.

Improve your productivity with Pydio: Scanomat Case Study

Created on 2016/04/25
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Scanomat needs to share documentation with multiple teams. Pydio easily offers Scanomat a seamless IT integration with its website and its CRM system, with the possibility to personalise Pydio's user interface.

Federated Sharing : Pydio connects with Owncloud and joins OpenCloudMesh initiative

Created on 2016/04/08
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You can now share files between Pydio instances and you can also share files between Pydio and ownCloud.

How we improved Pydio performances using Blackfire.io

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In this article, we describe how we drastically improved Pydio performances using Blackfire.io, a really cool PHP profiling tool.

Pydio 6.2.1 / New Linux Repositories

Created on 2015/12/09
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We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Pydio Core 6.2.1 and Pydio Enterprise Distribution 6.2.1. This fixes some minor compatibility issues mostly on "non-standard" plugins following the previous major release 6.2.0.