Code & API References

Technical references for extending Pydio. Happy hacking!

Plugins Reference

All plugins and their parameters

Pydio architecture is entirely plugin-oriented. From storage drivers to loggers or authentication, every aspects of the application can be easily extended to connect to various types of technologies. This page lists all the plugins and give information about their parameters.

Pydio API V2

Manage data and configurations

Since Pydio 7, Pydio exposes a pure RESTful API respecting standards to both manage files & folders, and administrative data (users, groups, roles, etc).
The JSON file following the Open API specification is used internally by Pydio and to generate the online documentation.

API v1 & Command Line

Command Line actions list and legacy REST API.

All actions declared in Pydio (and used by the various clients) can also be directly triggered via the command line, using PHP CLI. Wrapped in the great Symfony console component, command line can prompt for password, auto-complete the actions list, and display response in a neat format.

PHP Documentation

PHP Classes & Interfaces reference - automatically generated by phpDocumentor. The "\Pydio" namespace contains all classes from both the core and the plugins.

Source Code

All our source codes are hosted on GitHub. Submit pull requests to improve the code! Please make sure to check the README if you want to setup your environment for development.