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"Give you control over your data for more secure and efficient collaboration"

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We are the developers of Pydio, an open source EFSS (Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing) solution that can be deployed On-Premise or in a Hybrid / Cloud environment. Pydio is available either through a Community distribution (Ideal for home use) that is free forever or an Enterprise which provides all the features, support and compliance to secure file sharing.

Pydio is sold in more than 25 countries, from Cupertino to Singapore, and is used by leading brands around the world, such as Nikon, Credit Agricole, Dexia... Pydio also serves education and government clients, with major references such as Cambridge University (UK) and ADEME (France).

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Our story


Our journey started in 2007 when our CEO Charles du Jeu, musician at first, was concerned about finding a solution to share audio files safely with his reggae bandmates. At that time, cloud storage solution like Dropbox and Box.net didn’t exist but Charles found a solution to his problem: he created AjaXplorer, an open source software that provided a unified file sharing solution accessed via any browser , as well as on iOS and Android mobile devices. In contrast to online file sharing services, his solution had the advantage of allowing users to retain full ownership and control of their own data.


Over the years, the team grew stronger as did our software and in 2013, AjaXplorer changed its name for Pydio (an acronym for Put Your Data In Orbit). With over 1 million downloads worldwide, translated into 27 languages, Pydio positioned itself as one of the world's largest Open Source file sharing project for the enterprise, designed with developers and system administrators in mind.


Providing tons of new features and improvements, including cross-platform desktop synchronization on Windows and Mac, Pydio matured until reaching version 8 in 2018. But at that time, the team considered they had reached the limits of what its development language (PHP) could offer and took a big decision: rewrite it entirely in Golang.


Pydio Cells was born and provided some big changes and improvements:

  • The Cell concept: empowering users even more, Cells are flexible group spaces that users are free to create with dedicated chat rooms, without loosing the access policies set up by data owners.
  • Security focus: providing out-of-the-box GDPR compliance by enhancing data security, authentication protocols (OpenID Connect), auditable logs, programmable ACLs & policies and much more.
  • A new microservice architecture: embracing modern IT services needs and patterns


And many more features and technical improvements to make Pydio Cells more secure, performant and flexible.


But our journey is far from over and our team continue to improve Pydio Cells with new features and bug fixes in order to make our software the best future proof and secure file sharing solution for collaboration.

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Our team

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Charles du Jeu


Charles is the CEO and CTO of Pydio. Within a few years, he was able to bring Pydio's technology to a high level of excellence and adoption, trusted by hundreds of companies across the world.

and his Band


Our agile team is mainly composed of engineers, experts in Golang and mobile development. Open-source lovers, they all come from different backgrounds but are all passionate about Pydio's project.

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