About Pydio

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Who Is Pydio?

Founded in 2012, Paris-based Pydio is a leader in the self-hosted enterprise Document Sharing and Collaboration (DSC) market.

We’re on a mission to develop high-quality, self-hosted, open-source software for security conscious organizations , and our team strives to combine end-user focus with development quality.

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Why We Built Pydio

We are pioneers inf the file-sharing space. AjaXplorer, Our first platform, was an open-source, web-based file sharing platform developed before Dropbox even existed. Pydio understood early on that many companies needed to share documents while maintaining full control over their data.

Across many industries, advanced security requirements, regulations, or compliance issues mean that SaaS file sharing isn’t a viable option.

Pydio bridges the gap between fast-evolving open-source software and enterprise-ready solutions, providing security-conscious organizations with a platform they can count on to share documents and collaborate securely.

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Pydio Timeline


AjaXplorer developed - open-source software, a side-project of founder Charles du Jeu who was a professional musician at the time.


Company founded to serve customers knocking at the door for enterprise features and vendor support.


AjaXplorer rebranded to Pydio, (Put Your Data in Orbit)


Company reaches profitability


Launch of Pydio Cells, a full rethink of the software using modern language and architecture.


Cells Flows provides a powerful simple to use workflow engine.


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Leadership Team

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Charles du Jeu

Engineer (Ecole Centrale Paris) turned entrepreneur, Charles keeps his hands in Pydio’s code every day. Passionate about technology, file management and UX, he wrote the very first AjaXplorer open source project to share music files and simplify his bandmates’ life. 

David Gillard

Former service provider in data center world , David is seasoned entrepreneur who joined Pydio’s adventure in 2015 to help develop the business and make the company profitable.

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What's New At Pydio?

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09/08/2021 at 05:40 pm
Pro Tip: Allowing Users to Set-up 2-Factor Authentication
With the explosion in brute-force attacks, password-based authentication may not be enough. 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is now an accepted security best practice. Cells Enterprise lets users quickly and easily set up and manage 2FA . Find out how.
20/07/2021 at 01:56 am
Go with the Flows - Creating True Enterprise Document Sharing
With the addition of the new Flows workflow automation tool, Pydio Cells is now positioned to take on enterprise-level document sharing and collaboration and help your organization meet the challenges of today’s decentralized workplace.
25/10/2021 at 06:06 pm
Pydio Cells & Enterprise 3.0.0
Cells V3 provides a new data source format that dramatically improves access speed, streamlines security implementation, supercharges searchability via new metadata, and makes compliance monitoring and reporting easier.