Pydio Enterprise 6.2.1 - Compatibility & Bugfix

Created on 2015/12/09
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As expected after the major release of Pydio Enterprise 6.2, Pydio Enterprise 6.2.1 is based on Pydio Core 6.2.1 and provides a bugfix release for compatibility fixes. See complete changelog below. 

To download the newest package, please use your API KEY / API SECRET as provided in your account.


You may have to change the "update site" used by our in-app update engine. Use, and set up the update site authentication using your API Key and API Secret as provided in your account. From there, upgrade should be detected and straightforward


See Pydio Core 6.2.1 Full Change Log

  • Remove SimpleSAMLphp
  • Cpu usage was not wired. Fix #2
  • RecentLogs widget Fixes. Fix #3
  • Problem with json_list based selectors. Fix #9
  • Fix user.20 problem in user create dialog. Close #6 , Close #7
  • Seems to fix #4 - To be tested extensively.
  • Fix Templates Edition
  • Fix Common Options not taken into account during WS and TPL creation. Close #10
  • Fix limit in recent logs for home widget. Add a "See All Activity" button at the bottom of the list.
  • Clean syssignature plugin
  • Add a button to download SysSignature file directly in the core.licence dashboard.
  • [Workspace Editor] Better indication of a workspace being readonly. Fix readonly state wrong on receiveProps
  • Fix MySQL key on ajxp_session.
  • Fix PgSql error
  • Update package.json versions
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