Pydio Enterprise 6.2.2 - Bugfixes & Dashboard Improvements

Created on 2016/01/20
Release Type: 

This is a bugfix upgrade following the previous major release. Upgrade can be applied either using In-App updater (for Zip / Tar.gz installs) or using your Linux package management tool (yum / apt-get). In the first case, make sure to point to the "Stable" branch. 

Noticeable changes

  • [Enterprise] Improve log dashboard (diff loading)
  • [Enterprise] New widget "Todo List"
  • [Core] Over-agressive caching could end up creating issues in IE when switching workspaces
  • [Core] Security: sanitization strengthen for potential XSS attacks.
  • [Core] Fix regression on "Remember Me" switch
  • [Core] Fix Video Player for FireFox
  • [Core] Joomla Bridge Compatibility (broken by last Joomla version).

Pydio Enterprise 6.2.2 Changelog

  • Backward compat: No support of ReactDND, window.matchQuery, window.addEventListener (details)
  • Last version of 6.2.1.html (details)
  • Fix backward compat issue with replication fields: indexes start at 1, not 0. Fix #15 (details)
  • Add TodoList widget - Fix user display name on Most Active User widget (fix #21) (details)
  • New reloadAtCursor parameter on Simple List, used in Logs: now only the first query loads all the logs. Fix #16 (details)
  • Fix issue with infinite scroller & parent state updated. Add a Detail Pane for logs plus a title on table cell. (details)
  • Create pydio-enterprise-latest package in CI folder. (details)
  • Replace ajaxplorer.Controller by PydioApi.getClient() (details)
  • Fix View All Activity message. Multiple select: always display the floating label. (details)

Please read the corresponding Pydio Core 6.2.2 Changelog.


  • Pydio Enterprise 6.2.2 - Zip Archive [Authenticated Link] - No Arch : Download
  • Pydio Enterprise 6.2.2 - Tar.gz Archive [Authenticated Link] - No Arch : Download