Pydio Cells Online Demo

Discover Pydio Cells web interface.

How to use the online demo?

Please read below for connection instructions
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Login as standard user

Use the following credentials to log in on the demo as a standard user : 

  • alice / alice
  • bob / bob

Discover how you can easily upload data, create folders and reorganize files. Create public links and Cells to share data with other users.

Login as Administrator user

Use the following credentials to login as administrator : 

  • admin / admin

Discover powerful dashboards by going to "Cells Console" in the top left menu. 

Warning, auto-reset every 30mn!

As this demo server is open to the public, it is resetted automatically every 30mn. 

If you are connecting at a time near the hour (H:00) or the hour and a half (H:30), you may experience side-effects during your testing session! Just wait for the service to be resetted and login again.

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