Action parameters

WARNING This documentation is for Cells v1. Looking for Pydio Cells v2 docs?

In this section, we show how actions and parameters can help you to micro manage every single thing about users/groups.

Parameters and actions

Basically actions and parameters if chosen correctly can save you lot's of time and give you the custom experience that you wanted. You can control everything from for instance the buttons displaying and the action that users/groups are allowed to use, to even using the plugins such as the mailer, compressing file and even more.

To do so go and edit your user/group/role and then choose one of the following :

for example let's choose application parameters, and click on the + on the top right.

This menu pops up:

it is a list of every actions and parameters that you can configure.


With actions, you can either restrict particular actions or if it was already restricted, allow it for a user that was not supposed to.

As seen in this screen capture:

For instance in this screen I wanted the user to not have the ability to create cells.

You have a lot of choices but the principle is easy. You can also do that for groups and roles, you choose the action and what it is targeting (for instance it could be the core.conf), and then you have a slider allowing to enable or disable it.

The choices are multiple and it is up to you to customize it.


With parameters, you can control parameters either affecting a specific workspace or multiple ones at once and overide them, for instance you can ovride the default quotas of the workspace and more. There is lots of parameters and customization available you can put specific values or on the other hand enable/disable them.

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