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Thank you for using Pydio Cells. Comprehensive sync & share solution for your collaborators. Open-source software deployed on-premise or in a private cloud.


For the very first run, use './cells install' to load browser-based or command-line based installation wizard. Services will start at the end of the installation.


Run './cells start' to load all services.

Logs level

By default, logs are outputted in console format at the Info level. You can set the --log flag or set the PYDIO_LOGS_LEVEL environment variable to one of the following values: - debug, info, error : logs are written in console format with the according level - production : logs are written in json format, for usage with a log aggregator tool.

Services Discovery

Micro services need a registry mechanism to discover each other. By default, Pydio Cells ships with Nats.io and Consul.io implementations. You don't need to install any dependency. By default, Cells uses the NATS implementation. You can switch to consul by using the flag --registry=consul.

./cells [flags]


      --fork               Used internally by application when forking processes
      --grpc_cert string   Certificates used for communication via grpc
      --grpc_key string    Certificates used for communication via grpc
  -h, --help               help for ./cells
      --log string         Sets the log level mode (default "info")
      --registry string    Registry used to manage services (default "nats")


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