cells-ctl data

cells-ctl data

Commands for managing indexed data


Commands for managing indexed data.

Data are indexed in the various data sources you may have defined, and aggregated into a unique tree by the tree service. This command allows you to CRUD either directly the index of a given datasource, or query directly the aggregated tree. By default, it queries the tree (service is pydio.grpc.data.tree), to query a datasource directly, use --source=datasourcename (will point to service pydio.grpc.data.index.datasourcename) In the first case (tree), folders paths are always prefixed with the datasource name. In the second case (datasource), paths is the real path in the datasource.

See 'data list --help' for examples.

cells-ctl data [flags]


  -h, --help            help for data
      --source string   Source where the data resides

Options inherited from parent commands

      --registry string   Registry used to manage services (default "nats")


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