WARNING This documentation is for Cells v1. Looking for Pydio Cells v2 docs?

Pydio Cells comes as statically linked binaries that do not require specific dependencies to run. However, a fully functional installation will still require some additional software on your system. These are described below.


For Pydio Cells to run smoothly, you should meet the following requirements:

  • RAM : 4 GB is recommended
  • CPU : 2 cores minimum
  • HD : we recommend you use an SSD as it has faster access time and huge writing/reading speeds.

Operating System

  • Ulimit: Make sure to set the number of allowed open files for the binary to something greater than 2K. For production, a minimum of 8K is recommended (see ulimit -n).
  • GlibC : The only hard requirement of Cells binary is using a GLibc library > 2.14. This should be OK on most modern operating systems, this may exclude for example Debian 6.


Pydio Cells comes with a self-embedded Web server (based on the Caddy project) and does not require any additional Apache or Nginx http services. The backend features were fully rewritten in Golang and the frontend code now only rely on Javascript (more specifically React and Redux). They are also embedded in the binary.

Thus the only remaining hard requirement is the database. At the time of writing, Pydio Cells supports:

  • MySQL version 5.6 and above.
  • MariaDB version 10.2 and above.


Pydio Cells webserver may be bound to any port that suits your security rule. However if you need to set it on the standard HTTP (80) and HTTPS (443) ports, please refer to the following os-specific sections.

If you wish to use the address you must respect this rule, cells_bind must have this form internal_url=<port> and external_url=<domain name,address>:<port> the port is mandatory in both otherwise you will have a grey screen stuck in the loading

Cells Binary

Download the Pydio Cells binary for your OS from the download page or use the direct links below :


Those are the minimum requirements, if you are using the latest versions of the following browsers you should not have any issue.

  • Firefox: starting with version 52
  • Chrome: 52
  • Edge: 42
  • Opera: 42
  • Safari: 12
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