Running Cells in production

WARNING This documentation is for Cells v1. Looking for Pydio Cells v2 docs?

The best way to run Pydio Cells in a production environment is to start it as a service and put it behind a proxy. In this page, we gather pointers to various step by step guides from our knowledge base that explain how to achieve this.

Run Pydio Cells behind a proxy

Proxies are one of the most common way to secure your webservers: it hides the IP of your App server, it can provides TLS encryption for the client/server communication (https) and much more.

In our knowledge base we have a growing number of comprehensive guides to setup various proxies with Cells:

Run Cells as a service

Running Cells as a service is a good way to ensure that you have your server running if an event such as a power failure or else happens. Refer to our knowledge base for a comprehensive guide on how to setup your Cells instance as a service.

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