Smartphone Applications

WARNING This documentation is for Cells v1. Looking for Pydio Cells v2 docs?

Pydio Cells client applications are available for iOS and Android devices.

These mobile applications allow you to browse and preview your files.

Depending on your server configuration, you can also:

  • Synchronise files (Keep them offline)
  • Force users to use a pin code
  • Prevent users from saving the password
  • Use a QR code to log in easily

Both application use aggressive caching techniques to minimize network traffic. The Android app is careful with data usage and does not by default load thumbnails or allow transfer without WLAN.
Yet, everything is configurable.

Here are the links to download each application:

Connect to a running Pydio server.

Start the application and fill in the requested fields:

When you see this pagen; congratulations, you are now connected!

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