Upgrade Home to Enterprise

How to upgrade your Home Edition to Enterprise Edition

The upgrade process is easy. Please follow below steps:

  1. Download the Cells Enterprise Binary
  2. To retrieve your license key, contact our support.
  3. Then put the key in a file named pydio-license and put the file in /.config/pydio/cells/ (1).
  4. Stop your the running cells instance and optionnaly remove the cells binary.

  5. If you are running a linux server and using standard 80 and 443 ports, you must authorize the binary to use these ports:

  setcap 'cap_net_bind_service=+ep' cells-enterprise
  1. Now run ./cells-enterprise start to ensure the app starts correctly.
  2. If you are running under production, please remember you should rather configure the app to start as a service. In such case, you also have to adapt the supervisor or systemd conf file (depending on your setup) to change the name of the launched binary from cells to cells-enterprise.

(1) For macos users the path is ~/Library/Application\ Support/Pydio/cells the ~ being your home path.

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