Webdav server access

In this section, we see how to use the webdav protocol alongside Pydio Cells various client interfaces to access your files.

Configure and use webdav Access

Webdav is integrated out of the box. You can access it with valid credentials at the following address: <the-address-of- your-pydio>/dav/.

For instance:

I have Pydio Cells installed on a server. I access it at to access the webdav, use the following address http(s)://

With domain names, it goes the same: if your pydio's domain name is example.com then use http(s)://example.com/dav/.

Be advised that webdav is not a sync client. If you are off-line and therefore have no access to the server, you will not be able to interact with your files. Proceed with caution.

Using webdav with integrated file browsers


Do the following: go to your finder > right click > connect to a server.

In the menu that pops up, add your address like in the examples above, for instance:

You are then prompted to put in your login informations.

You can now access to your files located in your pydio server through the macos finder. It is mounted as a remote disk: if you the connection is lost you also loose your ability to see/interact with the finder.

Ubuntu (Linux users)

Ubuntu or other linux users can use the Nautilus file manager.

As seen in the below screenshot (ubuntu 18), if you click on Other locations, you open a field on the bottom allowing you to enter the address of the webdav.
For instance: You are then prompted for login and password and you are good to go.


Windows 10 users must:

  • Go to This pc
  • On the top part, click on Add a network connection
  • Put the information of your webdav connection

Once you have done this:

  • go in the top menu to Map a network drive
  • choose a letter and the network drive that you previously added

It's done. You can now browse and use it as you wish.

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