Core Classes

We will briefly describe here the core classes provided by the framework. From a developer point of view, the most important ones should be AJXP_Plugin (from which your own plugin will extend), and eventually the AJXP_Utils, AJXP_XMLWriter, HTMLWriter classes, that provides a wide bunch of static “utilitary” functions.


The classes described here are mainly used by the internal framework to propagate the requests, handle the plugins registry, or manage low-level features. You generally don’t access them directly

  • AbstractTest an abstract class from wich all start-up tests must inherit
  • AJXP_Controller the main “Controller” (in the sense of an MVC pattern), applying the user-defined callbacks on webservice calls.
  • AJXP_JSPacker Utilitary tool to compile all JavaScripts into one more performant script
  • UnixProcess Used to launch tasks in background using php CLI
  • AJXP_VarsFilter : in charge of actually applying the declared filters


  • AJXP_Utils: lot of static methods, check the code
  • AJXP_XMLWriter static methods to manipulate XML output
  • HTMLWriter static methods to manipulate HTML output
  • HttpClient Object to send requests from the server to a remote http server. See also the http_class/ library (alternative client)
  • UserSelection Parse a query sent by the WebApp with the standard file, file_0, file_1 parameters
  • SystemTextEncoding Useful methods to transcode something not-UTF8 to UTF8 and vice versa
  • AJXP_Cache Generic object used by the various editors to cache the thumbnails or other objects generated.

Application Objects

  • AJXP_Node The very basic bit of data extracted from a repository, i.e. generally a file or a folder. Contains the metadata. The main method, loadNodeInfo(), will trigger a “” hook that can be listened to enrich the node metadata at load time.
  • AJXP_Role (warning the class AjxpRole is deprecated) Define a set of Permissions, disabled actions and plugin parameters value that can be mapped to a user, a group, or a role.
  • Repository The representation of a workspace (= repository, same same).

Useful Services

  • AJXP_PluginsService Manages all enabled / active plugins, can be queried to find a plugin
  • AJXP_ShutdownScheduler You can register some tasks to be performed after shutdown
  • AJXP_Safe Encapsulate credentials in a session, in an encrypted fashion.
  • dibi.compat.php Necessary if you want to speak SQL (database abstraction layer, see
  • AuthService All operations on users & groups, and a register of the currently logged user (AuthService::getUserLogged() )
  • ConfService Speaks with the configs backend, to a load all Pydio internal data, but also the actual user implementations.
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