Core JS Classes

Below is a description of the main Pydio JavaScript classes that are used in the GUI. We don’t cover all the libraries, and see the JSApi access driver to have a way more detailed documentation of each class and its methods.

This document correspond to Pydio 6.4.0 release.

Core Classes

ES6 classes that build the core of the interface. They contain no UX component, just datamodels, controllers, http clients, etc. Generally-speaking, unless for debugging purpose, you should NOT touch this part.

Folder: plugins/gui.ajax/res/js/es6
Transpiled to: plugins/gui.ajax/res/js/core

  • Pydio.es6 Main class. Handles registry, plugins, widgets instanciations, etc.. Singleton instance accessible as “pydio” global variable.
  • model/
    • Action.es6 Abstraction of a Pydio Action as defined in our XML registry.
    • AjxpNode.es6 Basic representation of a node, Tree model used by all files/folders lists
    • BackgroundTasksManager.es6 Singleton registering / launching background tasks
    • Controller.es6 Main controller, parsing the XML registry to create Action classes, receiving events from the datamodel to enable/disable actions based on the context.
    • EmptyNodeProvider.es6 INodeProvider doing nothing.
    • PydioDataModel.es6 Main container for a set of nodes and their children, sending events when DM is changing.
    • Registry.es6 Abstraction of the XML registry
    • RemoteNodeProvider.es6 INodeProvider talking to get_action=ls by default, can be configured at startup.
    • Repository.es6 Abstraction of a Workspace object.
    • User.es6 Abstraction of the currently logged user object.
  • lang/
    • Logger.es6 Utilitary to log data to console.
    • Observable.es6 Interface that can be added as mixin to implement pub/sub pattern on an object.
  • util/
    • CookiesManager.es6 Read/write from navigator cookies.
    • HasherUtils.es6 MD5 computer
    • LangUtils.es6 Utils methods on arrays and objects. Provides translation from/to PrototypeJS structures (Hash, Array).
    • PassUtils.es6 Utils methods to compute a password complexity.
    • PathUtils.es6 Utils methods to manipulate file paths (dirname, basename, etc..).
    • XMLUtils.es6 Utils methods to query an XML doc.
  • http/
    • PydioApi.es6 Can be seen as the SDK to communicate with server.
    • PydioUsersApi.es6 Extension of previous class providing methods to list users.
    • ResourcesManager.es6 Dependency manager that parses the XML registry and dynamically load JS/CSS files on-demand. Could be replaced by a CommonJS or similar system at one point.

PrototypeJS UI Components

Folder: plugins/gui.ajax/res/js/ui/prototype

  • class.PydioUI.js Main class building the whole GUI based on the XML registry. Instance accessible globally via pydio.UI
  • class.AjxpBootstrap.js Lightweight class in charge of starting the framework, and loading the Pydio main class.

  • ajxp_utils.js Lot of utilitary methods. Kept for legacy purpose, most of them are now alias to the XXXUtils of the Core.

  • class.ActivityMonitor.js A background thread to ping the server on a regularly basis, and eventually disconnect client if no action detected after a given time.
  • class.AbstractEditor.js A parent class for all editors.
  • class.AjxpDraggable.js Scriptaculous Draggable extended for Pydio
  • class.PreviewFactory.js Utilitary to generate a thumbnail display of an AjxpNode, looking for editors able to generate a specific thumbnail for this node mime.
  • class.FormManager.js Utils to parse and submit the standard Pydio forms.
  • class.Modal.js Global “modal” singleton, provides method to open modal dialogs in various contexts.
  • class.ActionsToolbar.js Display a given group of actions in a toolbar.
  • class.AjxpAutoCompleter.js Extension of the scriptaculous auto completer
  • class.AjxpPane.js Generic widget, from wich most widgets extend
  • class.AjxpSimpleTabs.js A simple set of tabs, used in the Users/Roles/Groups editors. Should probably be merged with AjxpTabulator
  • class.AjxpSortable.js A sortable table
  • class.AjxpTabulator.js Set of tabs, as used in the left-hand panel (Files / Shared / Bookmarks)
  • class.AjxpUsersCompleter.js [deprecated] AutoCompleter talking to the list_authorized_users action to provide a users & groups autocomplete field. Now replaced by a ReactJS component.
  • class.BookmarksBar.js [deprecated] Previously, managed the bookmarks button.
  • class.Breadcrumb.js Display a clickable path to the current node
  • class.DataModelIPropery.js Simple component that can be configured to listen to a given datamodel and display some information dynamically.
  • class.FetchedResultPane.js An simplified version of the FilesList, as used in the Shared and Bookmarks pane, as well as in the Search Results pane.
  • class.FilesList.js The monster! Central nodes list, with various renderer for the nodes (details, list, thumbnails).
  • class.FoldersTree.js Left-hand TreeView
  • class.HeaderResizer.js Tool for resizing a table-like list
  • class.InfoPanel.js Right-hand panel displaying info about the currently selected node.
  • class.LocationBar.js [deprecated] Editable version of the current path
  • class.LogoWidget.js Utilitary to handle the top-left logo
  • class.MultiDownloader.js When zip is not available, selecting multiple files for download opens a dialog with a clickable list.
  • class.PropertyPanel.js Display a list of parameters
  • class.RemoteNodeProvider.js Implementation of the INodeProvider interface, speaking with the server to list the nodes
  • class.RepositorySelect.js Drop-down selector for the workspaces
  • class.RepositorySimpleLabel.js Auto-resizeable label for the current workspace
  • class.SearchEngine.js Standard search engine, can be either local or remote
  • class.SliderInput.js A slider widget, used to change the thumbnails size
  • class.TreeSelector.js Open another TreeFolder inside a modal dialog
  • class.UserWidget.js The top-right user widget, can take some menus.
  • class.VisibilityToggler.js Show/hide a linked component.

ReactJS UI Components

Folder: plugins/gui.ajax/res/js/ui/reactjs/jsx
Transpiled to : plugins/gui.ajax/res/js/ui/reactjs/build

  • LeftNavigation.js
  • ReactFormComponents.js
  • ReactPydioComponents.js
  • UsersCompleter.js

Additional Dependencies

Folder: plugins/gui.ajax/res/js/vendor

  • backbone/ BackboneJS framework used for the Router
  • chosen/ Enhanced SelectBox
  • es6/ Polyfills for ES6 support on old browsers.
  • jquery/ JQuery
  • leightbox/ Legacy stuff for modal and overlay.
  • modernizr/ Well-known tool to detect Javascript features support.
  • nodejs/ Core "export.js" script used by browserify to gather all dependencies and package them.
  • prototype/ PrototypeJS library and additional components.
  • scriptaculous/ PrototypeJS-based animation library.
  • webfx/ Legacy component used for the TreeView.
  • xpath-polyfill/ Polyfill for IE to use XPath on XML Document.
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