The gateway package provides an S3 API compatible gateway for serving files using the Amazon S3 protocol.


The s3 gateway is based on a Minio server with a custom gateway and is registered as a Pydio Cells microservice named pydio.grpc.gateway.data and configured in the plugins file.

TODO: legacy approach, update We use our own layer for authorization (using the JWT), so the API Keys / API Secret are not really used internally for authentication. For this reason, they are by default set to "gateway / gatewaysecret" and can be public.

The custom gateway provides access to the tree service and the various Cells datasources:

  • for all "stat" and "list" related queries, it uses the NodeProvider interface of Tree service,
  • for all "content" related queries (various GET and PUT request), it directly proxies to the underlying S3 server of each datasource.
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