Using the go sdk

We also provide and maintain a Go SDK that provides a convenient way to implement Go clients for Pydio Cells. The SDK is generated by the go-swagger project from the swagger json file that can be found in cells/common/proto/rest/rest.swagger.json.

For the record, we use two “tricks” in the SDK generation process:

  • we use the --skip-validation flag to avoid circular issues with object that make reference to same type of objects, typically activities and jobs. See issue #957 in go-swagger repository for more details.
  • we apply a patch that change all the default json tag that are generated for all fields with type int64 to workaround the int64 serialisation issue between protobuf and swagger.

For your convenience, we have implemented a bunch of basic examples that use the SDK to perform simple actions on a running Pydio Cells instance.

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