• You find below instuctions to configure and use each of the webdav client we have been testing. Be advised that each client has a different behaviour, unique to itself.

    MacOS Finder

    Do the following: Go to your Finder > right click >...

  • How to use the pydio Sync client

    Once you have Pydio Sync installed which should be pretty easy on Windows & Mac.

    Setting & Using the pydio sync client 1. FOR WINDOWS, MAC & LINUX(graphical environnement)

    Now launch the app...

  • In this how to we will take a look at the new cells command line tool and how it enables you to perform actions such as cp, ls, ... on your cells instance.

    What is the Cells command line tool

    The cells command line tool works like every...

  • In this HowTo, we take a closer look at the visibility parameters of the shared resources:

    what they are how to enable them and a few use cases Cells ownership