• Activate scheduler

    The task scheduler is a component that was developed to centralized all the specific “maintenance” tasks, without having to add multiple lines in the external CRON-like system. The idea is to program a CRON to trigger the...

  • We’ll gather in this page various configuration tips and tricks for having emails work on various systems.



    Enterprise Linux



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    This tutorial...

  • Install Jumploader

    Installing Jumploader is quite simple. All you have to do is to download the Jumploader jar file at this address:

    Now that you have you jar file you just have to copy it to the...

  • Objective

    In many usecases, Pydio is used to create an interface between the inside world and the outside world of an organization. To prevent information leakage and loss of control, many administrators will choose to automatically “expire” the...

  • Using the plugin along with the core.notifications features, the users will be able to precisely monitor some activities on any files or folder.

    Add watch feature to workspaces