Monitoring files or folders

Created on 2018/01/27, alerts, notifications, watch

Using the plugin along with the core.notifications features, the users will be able to precisely monitor some activities on any files or folder.

Add watch feature to workspaces

Activating the Notifications

If not already done at install, and particularly if coming from a previous version of Pydio, you may find yourself with a running install but no notifications active. This feature introduced in V5 a new requirement for a database support, so you must prepare a connexion to either an existing MySQL database, or, if you want to skip this step, you can let Pydio create a simple sqlite3 database. For this last solution, make sure that your PHP has the Sqlite3 extension loaded.

Check in the Global Configurations > Core Configs > Configurations Management that you have a “Core Connexion” configured, using either MySQL or Sqlite3 driver. Then in Global Configurations > Core Configs > Notifications Center, push the “Install SQL Tables” button, and set the notifications to “Enabled”.

Setting a “watch” on a file or folder

Once all is correctly configured, users should be able to

  • Monitor a file for consultation : will trigger an alert if the file is downloaded or even previewed in the interface
  • Monitor a file for modification : will trigger an alert if the file is modified, either via the GUI or by being re-uploaded
  • Monitor a folder for consultation : will trigger an alert if the folder is “opened” for browsing its content
  • Monitor a folder for modification : will trigger an alert if a file is modified inside this folder. WARNING: currently, this will not be recursive in the subfolders.