• Preparation

    Install net-tools (optional)

    yum install net-tools

    Add repository

    wget rpm -ivh epel-release-7-5.noarch.rpm yum update


  • author Contributed

    Important for v6 & PydioSync Please make sure to go through the other Nginx-dedicated How-To (on debian), as the v6 requires new rewrite rules to be active for the Rest API. Check

  • Introduction Red Hat Storage Server Smarter enterprise storage

    Deploying scalable, flexible enterprise storage shouldn’t lock you in to high-cost proprietary solutions. Red Hat® Storage Server helps your enterprise manage the explosion of big...

  • Author Koen Noens

    [:image-popup:system/http-ize_your_regular_windows_file_server_with_pydio/Win2Pydio.png]Take a regular Windows file server (or any NAS that understands SMB or CIFS). Deploy Pydio. Map your Pydio workspaces to folders and...

  • Author Dmitry

    Why lighttpd

    I believe using alternative web servers like lighttpd (or nginx) is a better option for most Pydio deployments as these are faster and less resouce-hungry (out of the box, at least) than Apache, tuning which...

  • This How-To will try to summarize various OS-Specific ways of installing the php-mcrypt extension.

    Scientific Linux 6.2

    as reported by Daniel here

    I thought I’d pass along a tip related to the MCrypt library that Pydio requires....

  • Author Allan Dynes (Allan @ This guide is assuming a vanilla install of Server 2012 R2 and lists all prereqs to get Pydio up and running with IIS 8.5 / Server 2012 R2. I have found that none of the current guides cover...

  • Last Update Updated on Dec. 8 2016 for Pydio 7

    Following are the instructions for installing Pydio with Nginx on Debian Jessie.


    You already have Debian 8.0 (Jessie) running with minimal stuff installed (no LAMP...

  • This article is takes the HowToForge articles as reference, adding some additional remarks. CentOS 7 introduced major changes compared to CentOS6.X. The following tutorials are very complete and you can follow them step by step.

    Install LAMP...
  • Introduction

    Deploying Pydio in a highly-demanding environment (lots of users, tons of documents) to achieve a dropbox-like server at scale requires a solid and elastic architecture.

    As a distributed file-system and software-defined...