MCrypt on various OS

Created on 2018/01/27

This How-To will try to summarize various OS-Specific ways of installing the php-mcrypt extension.

Scientific Linux 6.2

as reported by Daniel here

I thought I’d pass along a tip related to the MCrypt library that Pydio requires. Neither the libmcryptpackage nor the php-mcrypt one (which I presume are PHP bindings for libmcrypt) is part of the SL 6.2 distibution, and they’re also not available from SL 6.2′s pre-configured download sites.

However, those packages are available from EPEL. To get them, first configure your machine for the EPEL download site; per the EPEL wiki:

sudo rpm -Uvh

Then, simply:

sudo yum install php-mcrypt

Yum will install php-mcrypt and libmcrypt as a dependency, and you should be good to go.

This also works for other EL-like distributions: CentOS / RHEL

Debian / Ubuntu

apt-get install php-mcrypt