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Plugin LabelFlash
Short DescriptionLegacy flash uploader, used when the browser does not support HTML5. If you want to force the usage of this uploader, deactivate the uploader.html, and remove the activeCondition tag from the uploader.flex manifest file.
Plugin Identifieruploader.flex
AuthorCharles du Jeu
Dependenciesaccess.ajxp_home, access.fs, access.smb, access.imap, access.swift, access.s3, access.inbox, access.demo, access.dropbox, access.webdav, access.sftp_psl, access.smbicewind, access.sftp, access.ftp


Flash-based uploader (more precisely Flex-based), with multiple upload and progress bar.

Active if the client browser does not support HTML5, and it’s not an HTTPS server, because there are problems between the flash uploader and https. The source can be found in Pydio SVN (under trunk/core/flex) and if you want to make changes, it must be recompiled with Adobe Flex Builder.

Plugin parameters

HTTPS Policy
An Https Policy file maybe used to solve Flash upload problems when in Https. Use path relative to the web root.Stringtrue