Customizing User Interface

WARNING This documentation is for Pydio 7. Looking for Pydio 8 docs?

In this section, we will explain you how to very simply change the GUI of Pydio with the Orbit theme.

Run the branding tool:

First of all, you need to enable the branding tool. To do so, please go to the administration dashboard, then to Users Features > Appearance.

In the Main Options tab, make sure it's set like that: [:image-popup:2_getting_started/gui_configure.png]

Make sure to save changes, go to any workspace on your Pydio server, then refresh the page.

You should see the branding tool showing up: [:image-popup:2_getting_started/gui_start_enterprise.png]

Change interface's colors:

This tool allows you to change every colors on the interface. Here is a short guide for the parts of the interface: [:image-popup:2_getting_started/gui_colors_enterprise.png]

Change interface's images:

You can change the Pydio images by yours: [:image-popup:2_getting_started/gui_images.png]

Note that you also can modify theses images inside the enterprise Dashboard (Users Features > Appearance).

Add buttons to interface:

You can add buttons in a selected menu in your interface: [:image-popup:2_getting_started/gui_buttons.png]

Here are the settings for a button:

  • Button Label
  • Button Location (the part where you want your button to be displayed)
    • Global bar
    • Files button bar
    • More button menu (inside the "More" button in the files button bar)
  • Button Icon (a small icon in the left of your button Label)
  • You can choose between:
    • Button Link (paste the url of your webpage)
    • Link target (in the current page or in a new tab)
    • Write your own javascript code been called by clicking on the button

Save settings:

When you have set everything, don't forget to save: [:image-popup:2_getting_started/gui_save.png]

Then go to Users Features > Appearance. Disable the branding tool and load the saved config: [:image-popup:2_getting_started/gui_configure2.png]

When you have done all these steps, you can go back to your workspace and see your changes.

Here is for example a completely custom interface: [:image-popup:2_getting_started/gui_result_enterprise.png]

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