Pydio Requirements

WARNING This documentation is for Pydio 7. Looking for Pydio 8 docs?

Core Installation

Basic requirements

Pydio Community Distribution requires a web-server equipped with PHP 5.5.9 or later. We currently recommend using PHP 7 as performances were greatly improved.

Basic PHP extensions required are intl, mbstring, gd and dom-xml. For cryptography, we require either open-ssl (recommended) or mcrypt (will be removed from PHP soon).

Some plugins may require additional extensions / libraries to be available on the server.

The webserver software can be the one of your choice : Pydio is known to be running on Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd, IIS. However, being the more wide-spread and tested in many different configurations, Apache is recommended for a production environment.

Recommended hardware

This may highly vary, depending your number of users and volume of documents. The application is running on many shared hosting where you are generally allocated few memory and virtual cores, as well as embedded devices like NAS with few CPU, but if possible, it is always recommended to oversize the CPU and memory to provide the best user experience.

Thus, if you can provide a dedicated server, starting with a 2GHz dual-core with 1Go of RAM should be more than enough for basic needs (up to 100 users). Uploads are known to be long and CPU-consuming, thus if you know that your users will frequently require big files uploads, you should size the CPU accordingly.

Plugins Requirements

Many plugins have their own dependencies to external libraries, either as a PHP Extension, and PEAR library, or a given utility that must be installed on the server and accessible via command line. In the later case, there are generally common tools that can be installed directly on Linux distribution using the package manager (apt / yum), but their Windows version generally exists and as been tested successfully as well.

Name Identifier PHP Extension External (PEAR or command line)
Email Viewer editor.eml Mail_mimeDecode
MySQL Driver access.mysql mysql
SFTP Driver access.sftp ssh2
Samba Driver access.smb smbclient via command line
Office Docs editor.zoho openssl
PDF Viewer editor.imagick Imagick via command line
Exif extractor meta.exif exif
Subversion meta.svn svn via command line
Git meta.git git via command line + Pear VersionControl_Git library
Dropbox access.dropbox HTTP_OAuth
Mailbox access.mailbox imap
WebDAV Client access.webdav HTTP_WebDAVClient
S3 Access access.s3 AWS Sdk v2 for PHP
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