Modern Collaboration

A unified gateway to access all your files, Pydio Cells replaces SaaS-based sharing solutions while providing your users all the features they are used to. Instantly share large files, tag them and get notified when other users will access or modify documents. Stay productive anywhere, anytime!

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Advanced Secure Sharing

Organize contents the way you want, the way you always used to.

Easily upload, download and share large files or folders. Big files are uploaded with a multipart protocol to speed up transfer, can be up to 5TB large. We get you covered.

Securely share documents with people inside and outside your company, using public links or Cells. 

Protect public links with passwords, expiration dates, limited downloads, and other advanced security policies.

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Secure collaboration from any device

Work with your colleagues on office documents in real time, make edits and save changes, all without leaving the Pydio web interface.

Centralize feedbacks: each file or folder has its own comment feed, get alerted when something happens, annotate online images and videos.

Keep track of files revisions with the versioning tool : define your own versioning policy and restore previous versions.

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Real-time, Instant Conversation

Avoid unnecessary emails with the internal chat (one chatroom per Cell)

Build your own chat rooms: to gather a team, to discuss a specific project or document...

Connect remote teams in one place and increase productivity

Directly add documents to existing rooms or invite colleagues to join a discussion around a specific document

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A Smooth, Customizable Interface

Pydio's User Interface is based on Material Design, a design pattern used by thousands of modern apps.

Handling Pydio's web interface and mobile apps is easy and intuitive for users used to modern SaaS-based platforms.

Your filesharing platform is a communication tool: enjoy a fully customizable white-labelled interface: add your logo, change colors, select new buttons.

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*Some features might be available in Pydio Cells Enterprise only, please contact us for more information

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