Secure & Compliant at Heart

You can't put most of your company data in Public Clouds. Pydio returns control of sensitive data to your IT: closely monitor activity, control sharing, and protect your data according to your own rules and regulatory constraints!

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Pydio provides your administrators with all the useful tools to comply to the latest privacy regulation like GDPR.

Programmable Security Policies : you can rely on programmable ACLs & policies to implement any access rule needed to comply to regulations and to your own data policy

Log management & audit : each service in the application delivers its own logs in a standard output (JSON). Technical & Activity logs are separated. Logs are then aggregated and easy to parse with ELK (Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana)*. 

AD & LDAP Attributes Mapping : it is easy to map right patterns, and to connect to several LDAPs while ensuring compliance with your data policy

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Control your sensitive data

With Pydio, keeping track of all the activity and controlling unwanted actions is made easy.

  • Powerful Admin Dashboard that can be customized with your favorite KPIs
  • Overview of your access control policies
  • Config changes can be reviewed at a glance
  • Logs can easily be parsed and audited
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Making your data safe

Encryption : all your data can be encrypted at rest on your storage, and communications are protected with SSL.

Authentication : the login procedure relies on Open ID Connect, a proven protocol used by Google. 

Micro-services security relies on mutual TLS authentication*.

Sessions revocation : you can closely monitor each session and react when a suspicious event occurs.

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Enterprise Support*

Pydio can help you rest easy knowing that our team of expert engineers is available to help support your system.

We provide post-production, Level 3 support, with rapid workarounds when an incident is logged during the course of a valid subscription for customers of our Enterprise Distribution of Pydio:

  • Support and bug-tracking via the Enterprise Customer Dashboard
  • Unlimited incidents during the course of a valid subscription (reasonable use),
  • Guaranteed response time (6 hours, 9:30 - 17:30, 5x7, business days),
  • Guaranteed diagnosis time (3 business days),
  • Guaranteed workaround time (10 business days).

We also can provide additional support package (Premium remote support) that covers remote installation, migration, upgrades, performance optimizations and custom code debugging.

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*Some features might not be available yet in Pydio Cells, or might be only included in the Enterprise Distribution, please contact us for more information

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