Web, Desktop & Mobile Apps

Allow your users focus on your business. Let Pydio handle file sharing & sync. Access files from any device - Share with internal or external partners - Sync locally

Web Interface

A feature-rich App accessible in any browser

- Intuitive user experience
- Integrated preview for all of the most common file formats (audio, video, PDF, office documents)
- Lucene Indexation for quick search and advanced search*

Advanced sharing features make sure that your vital documents are protected, yet easily shared for your end-users 

- Share files or folders with internal and external collaborators (video).
- Password-protected share links, auto-expiration after a given number of downloads, custom link handles (video).
- Watch all our Tutorials here

And much more: custom metadata, integration with third-party services for online edition, notification on file/folder changes, etc.

Desktop Synchronization

Pydio for your desktop 

Desktop sync online enables a local folder to sync with the web interface (or to other computers using the Desktop sync app) when you or your collaborators make changes in Pydio. Many users appreciate this feature as it reminds them of popular consumer sharing software applications. Install the app and let Pydio do the work for you in the background. To the more advanced features, simply connect to the web application.

Streamlined, intuitive, robust

New in 2015, PydioSync was redesigned to be intuitive, with optimised performance in mind. PydioSync is cross-platform, based on robust technologies, and prepared to handle large amounts of data. Regular updates are released to continuously improve the app.

Advanced features

- Set the synchronization intervals
- Configure PydioSync upload only - download only or both
- Choose to sync only a subfolder in a given workspace
- Administrator can define and limit global sync parameters based on workspaces and roles within the system PydioSync works on Windows, Mac & Linux. For more information, click here

Mobile Apps

Your users want to be able to work easily on-the-go. Pydio has native applications for both iOS and Android devices cover most of the mobile device cases and offer a quick access to your files.

Access - Preview - Edit 

- Browse workspaces directly from your mobile
- Open any file
- Edit using external applications, then update the file in Pydio
- Upload files easily: Shoot-to-upload photos or videos, or select a file from your media library

Local Cache & Sync*

Select a file or folder to be cached on the local storage of the device, and re-synced each time you connect to the internet


Lock the application with a PIN-code, or require password on each login. For the Administrator, the access rights set up in the global Pydio core system are applied to the mobile applications.

Customizable Interface*

White-labelled web-interface

Pydio Enterprise Distribution allows you to remove Pydio copyrights* and watermarks from the interface. Add up your logo, company name, and a custom welcome message directly in the admin interface.

Advanced colors customization 

Previously an online-tool, our unique branding tool is now integrated in Enterprise Distribution*.
Enable the tool (use of Google Chrome is required), switch to a workspace, and start customizing colors in every zone with the real-time color-selector.

Easily add a button

Our branding tool also allows you to add a button to one of the available toolbars in the interface, triggering either a redirection to a link (your homepage for example), or even a custom javascript snippet.

*Advanced features included in the Enterprise Distribution only, contact us for more information