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With over 1 million downloads worldwide, translated into 27 languages, Pydio is one of the world's largest Open Source file sharing project for the enterprise, designed with developers and system administrators in mind.

Formerly known as AjaXplorer, Pydio (Put your data in orbit) was founded by musician Charles du Jeu, who needed a way to share audio files with his bandmates. It provides a unified filesharing and synchronisation solution that works cross platform on Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as on iOS and Android mobile devices. In contrast to online file sharing services, users retain full ownership and control of their own data.

Open source from the very start, Pydio is now sold in 25 countries, from Cupertino to Singapore, and is used by leading brands around the world, such as Nikon, Credit Agricole, Dexia... Pydio also serves education and government clients, with major references such as Cambridge University (UK) and ADEME (France).

Pydio focuses on bringing its users a powerful, customizable UI. You can use an existing legacy file infrastructure or set up Pydio with an on-premise approach. Pydio offers a sync client, web and mobile applications to ensure that end users can easily manage their assets everywhere. Its advanced sharing features support many storage backends, including Amazon S3, Samba and Dropbox. The user interface is based on Google's Material Design, making it a pleasure to work with. For administrators, the fine-grained access rights are a powerful tool for configuring access to assets.

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Management Team

Charles Du Jeu

Charles is the CEO and CTO of Pydio. Original founder of the open source project AjaxPlorer, Charles is an engineer turned musician turned startup founder. Within a few years, he was able to bring Pydio's technology to a high level of excellence and adoption, trusted by hundreds of companies across the world. Open source advocate, Charles leads a top tier Tech Team of engineers, passionate about the project.

David Gillard

Successful serial entrepreneur, David is an accomplished team manager.
Former CEO of Agarik, a managed dedicated server hosting company sold to Bull Group in 2006, he became Managing Director of the first French company dedicated to IaaS. The company merged with Outscale, where he was appointed VP. He is now the COO of Pydio.

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