Find the Right Package for You

Are you a small business or organization that needs basic self-hosted sharing and collaboration, a thriving mid-sized organization looking to optimize communications flows, or an enterprise or public organization searching for a secure, flexible and powerful self-hosted platform as a portal for all your document needs?

There’s a Pydio Cells that’s right for your organization.

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Pydio Cells Home
Home use & Evaluation
Free - Perfect for Home Use
Community support

Features include:

  • Storage: FileSystem, S3-compatible
  • Powerful sharing features
  • Embedded users directory
  • Online preview of documents
  • Rest API, SDKs, WebDAV
  • Mobile and desktop Sync
  • Pre-built binaries
Pydio Cells Connect
Connect all collaborators
Starting at 2980€/year (50 users)
Volume discounts from 100 users

Everything in Home, plus:

  • AD/LDAP directories support
  • SSO via OpenIDConnect / OAuth2
  • SSO via SAML / Azure ADFS
  • Cells as an OAuth2 Identity Provider
  • White-labelling (customizable branding)
  • Pre-built binaries for linux / mac
  • Supported cloud images : OVF, VMWare, Amazon AMI

Vendor support

  • Web only, next business day
Pydio Cells Enterprise
Privacy-conscious industries
Starting at 3980€/year (50 users)
Volume discounts - from 100 users for 5980€/y

Everything in Connect, plus:

Compliance and Security

  • Role-based and rule-based Access Control
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Terms of Service validation
  • Exportable audit logs (csv/xlsx)
  • Audit all shares in real-time

Storage Options

  • FS, S3, Google Cloud Storage and Azure Blob support
  • Custom versioning policies
  • Storage usage overview
  • Data sharding

Web Features

  • Quick Send interface (similar to we transfer)
  • Images/videos annotations
  • Advanced UX branding + custom email templates
  • [Optional] OnlyOffice support

Vendor Support

  • Web, mobile and desktop sync
  • [Optional] Premium support
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Looking for more features ? Have a look at our detailed comparison table here.

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FAQ - Licensing & Pricing

What are the requirements ?

Cells runs on GNU/Linux (Tested on Debian/Ubuntu/RHEL/RockyLinux) or MacOS.
It runs on Windows as well but is less tested and it is not supported for the Connect and Enterprise versions. We recommend using Debian 11. MySQL database 5.7 or 8 (or MariaDB 10.3 / 10.5).
Minimum hardware configuration for Pydio Cells Home is 2 cores and 4GB RAM (physical or virtual).
Minimum hardware configuration for Pydio Cells Enterprise is 4 cores and 8GB RAM (physical or virtual).

What is a Pydio user ?

A user is defined as any individual who is authorized to access your system and who has been given a unique user name or identifier (regardless of whether the user has used those credentials to access the Software). No more than one individual may use an issued user name or identifier. In order to maintain control over the total number of users in your system, you may limit the number of shared users to be created in the administration panel of the system, or you can share the folder/file as a public link and password protect it.

Can I upgrade Cells Home to Cells Connect or Cells Enterprise?

Yes. If you have a running instance of Cells Home, you just need to download the Cells Enterprise binary for your OS and replace the existing one, and paste the license key for enabling Cells Connect / Cells Enterprise inside the configuration folder (inside a "pydio-license" file).

Where are Cells Connect binaries and images?

Cells Connect application builds are exactly the same as Cells Enterprise. Only the license key will differ and will dynamically enable features once running the software.

I am running a legacy Pydio 8 community-version, can you help?

Pydio 8 community reaches end-of-life state in December 2019 and Pydio Cells is brand new software offering the same range of features. Pydio Cells embeds a migration tool to import your data from Pydio 8. If you still want to purchase a Pydio 8 license, you will have to pay a long term support surcharge.

Can I use Pydio to build my own software and not contribute back my own code ?

Yes, you can, but you will need to sign an OEM / private licensing agreement.

Can I use Pydio Enterprise Distribution for free ?

We can provide you with a trial key for a limited period. You can alternatively use our free Community Edition.

Do you provide discounts for multi-year agreements?

We do not offer multi-year contracts because we want our customers to have the flexibility to decide how best to move forward.

Can you do custom development of Pydio add ons ?

We can do custom development for our enterprise customers. You can choose to contribute the code or keep it private. If you want to keep it private, you will be charged for yearly maintenance.

Where can I download Ajaxplorer ?

Ajaxplorer is the name of Pydio's first versions. It was discontinued in 2014. You should download our newest release Pydio Cells

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