Accelerating access to remote work during pandemy with Pydio

The world we live in has dramatically changed from what it was only a few weeks ago, for an undeterminate period we all hope the shortest possible. As remote work is being deployed in most companies around the globe, some time with great urgency, all the tools for limiting friction are not necessarily ready. For those needing to share sensitive data with remote workers and collaborators, Pydio Cells offers advanced solutions to give access to the company files without losing on control and security of your data.

We provide a free 20-users license till June 30th 2020 for Small Business under 50 employees,

Thanks to its unique "Cells" approach, Pydio is a powerful filesharing platform to help remote workers to collaborate on documents

Deployed on your servers or cloud of choice, you apply your own access control and security policy rules to keep track of what's happening

Pydio Cells drives file sharing and real-time collaboration between colleagues while they are appart.

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Your files are accessible by your coworkers anywhere

  • With one single source of files accessed through our mobile apps and web clients, your documents are constantly up-to-date and available right away on the field.
  • Office Docs online editors and Cells chatrooms ease collaboration and co-creation of documents
  • At par with common SaaS solutions, Cells is easy to use and does not require any training for your users
  • As an admin or data protection officer, you keep data safe without losing ownership or breaking compliance rules
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What we can do to help you manage the COVID-19 crisis

Pydio Cells Enterprise 20-users temporary licences are provided for free to any new deployment

To help SMB's to quickly deploy a Pydio Cells Enterprise remote working solution, we offer new customers only a free 20-users license valid until June 30th 2020.

What you get :
- Cells Enterprise advanced features for security, audting and third-party connectors
- Online support via our ticketing platform (french office hours)
- Pro-tips and advise on how to best deploy Cells

Contact us today to get more information

If you are a cloud provider, contact us to provide free 10-users license to your customers.

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