Our desktop application will keep your files synchronized in real-time on all your computers. All the modifications are automatically propagated from and to your other devices, as well as to the Pydio web interface. Current stable version is 1.04.


Windows MSI packages for Windows 7,8,10 - 64bits.


Sync Client for MacOSX 10.8 and upper


Binaries only, no installers for linux yet!


  • Install in minutes on Mac and Windows
  • Great User Experience: configuration wizards
  • Ability to sync only a subfolder of a workspace
  • SSL support, your information is always safe
  • Multi platform support: Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Deep OS integration on Windows & Mac: follow the sync status via Explorer/Finder icons, and right-click to share a file without ever connecting to the web interface.
  • Admin control: allow users to sync a workspace or not, read, write, deny access control for individual users
  • Pause/Resume all sync – Temporary disable a task
  • Configure many sync tasks against different Pydio servers or workspaces
  • Auto resolve conflicts, your colleagues wont overwrite your files anymore
  • Quick access: open Pydio in the browser in one click, open your local folder in one click.
  • Recycle bin: when enabled by your admin, deleted files can be recovered through your Pydio workspace
Advanced functionalities
  • Set up synchronization frequency: real-time, manual, or every day at a given time.
  • Sync direction: choose to only sync files in one direction. By default, sync is bi-directionnal, but you can choose to upload only (backup like scenario), or download only (mirrorring scenario).
  • Run agent “headless” (without UI) on a remote server – configure via the browser.
  • Conflict resolution: choose how to handle conflicts
  • Bug report: access your logs and help us improve PydioSync when you experience issues
  • PydioSync was designed from ground-up to handle large amount of files.

PydioSync 1.0.4 - Mac OSX Integration

Created on 2016/01/21
This is a stable release for PydioSync, our desktop sync applications. Most noticeable change is the deep-os integration for Mac OSX (overlay icon and right-click for Share in Finder). But also brings many improvements and bug fixes.

PydioSync 1.0.3 / Workspaces Sync 1.0.3

Created on 2015/12/02
This is a stable release for PydioSync, our desktop sync applications. Most noticeable change is the deep-os integration for Windows (overlay icon and right-click for share in Explorer). But also brings many improvements and bug fixes.

PydioSync 1.0.2

Created on 2015/09/20
Hi folks, We are happy to announce a new release of PydioSync 1.0.2. Thanks to all those who submitted your reports, our desktop sync tool gets a number of bugfixes! First local indexation time is drastically reduced Better error handling and reporting in case of server requests timeout Fixed an issue during the windows upgrade that required re-configuring the server connections Added an sqlite corruption-check for self-healing Added an http service to configure a global proxy

PydioSync Got a Boost and Became 1.0.1

Created on 2015/05/20
PydioSync Got a Boost and Became 1.0.1 Hi folks, Pydio 6.0.7 is a security release fixing vulnerabilities discovered by security researcher Lane Thames. These vulnerabilities are registered under CVE-2015-3431 and CVE-2015-3432.

Pydio Presents: PydioSync

Created on 2015/02/20
Pydio Presents: PydioSync Exclusive VIP invitation to join the alpha test As one of our most active community members, you have been selected for an exclusive invitation to be among the first to get your hands on our highly anticipated new desktop synchronisation tool called PydioSync.

Pydio Sync 0.8.4 for Win, Mac & Linux

Created on 2014/01/28
Almost one year after the previous version, tons of energy and sweat put into the Pydio server and mobile apps, we are very glad to announce today a new release of the Pydio Sync client. Although still considered beta, this version should be much more stable than the previous one. Please massively test and report issues! Of course, make always sure to backup your data on a regular basis. The application was highly optimized to be able to handle tons of files without crashing. It still requires Java 6 or Java 7 to be installed on the client desktop. We are working parallely on a new app written in Python for an easier deployment.