Pydio 7 Overview

Based on its unique Workspace approach, Pydio 7 is a major release, providing better team collaboration with an embedded Online Office Suite, dramatic performance improvements, and new security features. Get a brief overview of what's new on this page, or contact us to learn more!


  • Collabora Online is a powerful LibreOffice-based online office suite which supports all major document, spreadsheet and presentation file formats

  • Supports all major document formats:​ DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, ODF, ODS, ODP

  • Basic editing functions​

  • Collaborative editing: several persons can edit a document at the same time directly from their web browser

  • Watch a demo here, and then see how to install Collabora Online for Home users or contact us for enterprise deployments


  • Pydio Booster is a separate, dependance-free complement to Pydio that runs as a Server. Based on GO, a performant language developed by Google, it will bring several improvements to your installation

  • Out-of-the-box implementation of WebSockets, avoiding massive polling from all web and sync clients, and as such drastically reducing the load on your server

  • Upload accelerator and Download accelerator for certain types of storages (currently FS and S3)

  • Automatic trigger of master scheduler command, avoiding the need to configure a separate CRON command

  • See how to install Booster for Enterprise or for Community



  • File Gateway™ allows you to serve public links through a dedicated url, thus avoiding to show your own server's address

  • Thanks to an internal router embedded in Pydio, all your shares can be proxied to another domain

  • File Gateway™ helps you improve the security of your infrastructure, by keeping your server's address hidden to the public

  • File Gateway™ is included in our Standard+ Offering



  • Quickly searching for a file or a folder inside your Pydio has never been easier

  • Previously you could only search one workspace at a time. From now on, you can implement a cross-workspace search bar on your welcome page

  • The search function natively ignores non-loading workspaces, and can return up to 5 results per workspace

  • You can now instantly access any file located anywhere inside your Pydio workspaces



  • Already available for Dropbox, you can now connect your OneDrive account to your Pydio (paid option)

  • Pydio allows you to mount external storage services as secondary storage drivers. You can also allow your users to mount their own external storage

  • As a global, agnostic open source file sharing platform, Pydio now integrates Microsoft OneDrive into its external storage options

  • This new connector is very useful for organisations looking to implement both public and private cloud storages for their file sharing solution

  • To connect to OneDrive, please contact us


Performances Check Panel

- Pydio now automatically checks your system configurations for possible improvements

- At a glance, you see the performance scores of your configs: cache active, server opcode...

Scheduler Panel

- Previously, scheduling background tasks required multiple operations

- You now have a central panel for Scheduler, to launch new tasks and monitor running jobs

Workspace Maintenance Panel

- Workspaces maintenance is much easier

- You can now launch indexation, purge, clear activity for any workspace directly from the settings of the concerned Workspace

New Menu for Cache Server

- New menu for cache server, goes along with increased caching

- The result is a combination of increased performances and ease-of-use

Easier Sharing Configuration

- With Pydio, you easily monitor who can share what, with who

- To make this even more simple, you can now configure re-sharing rights in one single click

Easy Welcome Page Config

- Most of our users need to customize their Pydio with their own messages

- We decided to provide a dedicated Panel for the Welcome Page and download URLs


Massive Rewrite of PHP Code

- 100% of the PHP Classes were at least modified if not totally rewritten

- Entirely refactored the server following the PSR-7 pattern and using the Zend / Diactoros implementation


Full Rewrite of our API

- API V2 is a full rewrite of our rest API, strictly following RESTful specifications and OpenAPI description file

- Both File API and Provisioning API (users, roles, workspaces, etc…) are concerned

Full Rewrite of our Command Line

- Wrapping of our existing tools into Symfony/Console component: nice output formatting, help usage, auto-complete feature for actions

- New parameter -i to launch a command as an admin user impersonating another user

New NSQ Messaging Server

- Pydio 7 comes with a New Messaging Server, based on NSQ, a language originally developed by Bitly

Increased Caching

​- Pydio 7 relies on more caching, especially for files list, which makes a huge difference in terms of performance, especially for remote workspaces like S3 or FTP

New LDAP Plugin

- Our new LDAP plugin provides ready-to-use templates for most common ldap-compatible directories (AD, OpenLDAP, IBM, etc..) and it also provides usecases