Accelerating access to remote work during pandemy with Pydio

The world we live in has dramatically changed from what it was only a few months ago. Remote work is becoming the new normal for many companies around the globe and sharing sensitive data using SaaS-based solutions is not always a good fit in terms if security and compliance.

Deployed on-premises or on your cloud of choice, Pydio Cells offers advanced solutions to open access to the company files without losing on control, ownership and security of your data.

Deployed on your servers or cloud of choice, you apply your own access control and security policy rules to keep track of what's happening

Pydio Cells drives file sharing and real-time collaboration between colleagues while they are appart.

Thanks to its unique "Cells" approach, Pydio is a powerful filesharing platform to help remote workers to collaborate on documents

Securely share data and track system activity in real time to avoid data leaks. Administrators keep control while make users happy!

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Your files are accessible by your coworkers anywhere

With one single source of files accessed through our mobile apps and web clients, your documents are constantly up-to-date and available right away on the field or at home.

Office Docs online editors, tags, comments, annotations and chatrooms ease collaboration and co-creation of documents. 

At par with well-known SaaS solutions, Cells is easy to use and does not require any training for your users.

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Store your data in a safe place

You decide where you store your data. Either on your infrastructure NAS/SAN or Cloud Storage of choice, make sure to use the right storage compliant to your internal policies.

All your data can be encrypted at rest on the storage, and communications are protected with SSL.

Authentication relies on Open ID Connect, a proven protocol used by Google, and can be easily integrated with your existing Identity Provider using OAuth2, OpenID Connect or SAML.


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Control your sensitive data

With Pydio Cells, keeping track of all the activity and controlling unwanted actions is made easy.

A powerful Admin Dashboard displays your KPIs at a glance.

All configuration changes are logged and a diff can be displayed using the command line tool.

Logs are stored in JSON format to integrate modern logging platforms, and can be exported as XLSX/CSV for auditing.

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And also...

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Brand your Pydio

Customize Pydio to your own visual identity to increase the brand experience of your customers and partners. Let your users feel like home

Granular Permission Control

Control the permissions with many variables. Your users can see, edit and share only what you allow them.

Metadata, tagging, annotations

Fexible metadata system provides files tagging, user comments feed on each document or folder, as well as image and video annotations.

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