Pydio for Education & Academic Institutions

Use Pydio to secure sharing of student records, staff information and research data You can host your data on your own storage and server, ensuring the protection of confidential information and compliance with government regulations, including FERPA and HIPAA. Thanks to public cloud connectors (OneDrive, Dropbox, Sharepoint), you can alternatively deploy Pydio in a hybrid environment, providing a secured file sharing solution for staff's and researchers' sensitive data combined to an open, public cloud solution for students day-to-day collaboration.

Flexible and configurable to meet FERPA compliance standards

Off-campus mobile productivity and collaboration

Federated Sharing: securely and seamlessly share academic data across Pydio instances

Connectors to free public cloud solutions used by students (Onedrive / Dropbox) for hybrid file sharing environments

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Organize, share and collaborate on your own branded platform

  • You can easily gather, organize and share records, administrative information, research works. Based on its unique Workspace approach, Pydio allows you to manage your data on your own terms, either by academic periods, classes, research projects…
  • Pydio works on any device (desktop, tablet, mobile…), online or offline. Students, teachers and administrative staff can synchronise their data across their devices and access their files locally whenever they need to. 
  • If your teams of researchers are split across remote sites on various IT infrastructures, Federated sharing allows them to collaborate and share files like they were actually on the same Pydio instance. This project was developed under the initiative of GEANT National Research and Education Networks
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Easily manage a huge number of documents and users

  • Pydio provides Admins with a powerful Dashboard that lets them easily manage users, control sharing permissions at a granular level, and monitor the activity and usage flow of each user
  • You can not only monitor who accesses what and when, but also restrict access or uploads when necessary, according to projects / users / groups, as well as assign specific levels and durations of access to each file for any single user
  • If you want to focus on specific sensitive data, you can also sort documents by multiple criteria (size, date of revisions etc...), and manage specific users’ rights by creating groups or roles.
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Academic intellectual property protection

  • Pydio adapts to any existing infrastructure, whether on-premise or in a private cloud: it allows you to safeguard research data and student personal information from leaking
  • Pydio provides strong additional security: your data is encrypted at rest and your exchanges are protected with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols
  • YIn addition, our synchronisation client ensures that your data is not modified when being synced, by comparing start and final encryption hashes
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