Making sure your Pydio Cells deployment is (really) safe

By deploying Cells Enterprise on-premises or on your cloud of choice, you are choosing a security-by-design approach to keep full control and ownership of your company documents. However, the great power provided by Cells comes with great responsibility. A badly configured server can be a perfect backdoor for malicious attackers.

This document provides a guided tour of the most important aspects you have to take into account to make sure that your Cells Enterprise instance is ready for production in terms of security and compliance.

It covers topics such as :

  • Securing your Server & DB
  • Tuning your firewall
  • Scheduling backup tasks
  • Discovering Pydio Cells advanced security features


Audience : Technical (DevOps, System Administrators)

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Put Pydio To Work For You

Does your organization have complex compliance and security issues? Are SaaS solutions out of the question for you? Pydio Cells gives you full control of your document sharing environment and can be deployed in a matter of hours on your own hosting.

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