Why Pydio ?

Pydio is a solution designed for the enterprise with developers and system administrators in mind. Let us help you build the business case for Pydio.

Pydio helps IT Professionals face security challenges

  • IT Professionals are now expected to manage risks from consumer cloud storage and shadow IT solutions.

  • Very often, a company's vital data is scattered throughout the internet. In most cases, you cannot even verify in which country your data is being hosted.

  • This can lead to significant legal and security vulnerabilities.

Take back control of your company's vital data

  • Pydio provides a secured solution where the vital company files are managed through secured access to the company's on-premise server or private cloud.

  • Pydio is an easy-to-use solution, IT professionals can assure that their end-users will comply with the new policies and make roll out a breeze.

Pydio does it better - Your Files, Your Rules

  • Simply put, you decide how you want to roll out your file solution.

  • You can use your existing legacy file infrastructure, or you can set up Pydio on a fresh infrastructure dedicated to the project.


Want to Learn more about how to adapt Pydio to your business environment or the features offered at Pydio? 

→ Check out our Infrastructure Specs Guide or the Supported Plugins List.

Security Centric

- As a leading open source product that has been downloaded over a million times around the globe, Pydio is constantly evaluated for vulnerabilities.

- Add to that the advanced security features in our administrative dashboard, and you can rest easy knowing that your data is protected.


Want to see for yourself how ?

→ Check out our Advanced Admin Dashboard or the Source code.

Scales to your business needs

- Having a great IT solution also means having a solution that can grow with you as your business needs change.

- Here at Pydio, we can support installations for small business all the way up to cases with thousands of users.


Want to see how Pydio can grow with you as your business needs change?

→ Ask about our Scalability Whitepaper

End Users Love it

- Even the most secure solution on the market will only be effective if the end users comply with the policy to use it.

- Give your end users a solution they love, and you can eliminate headaches on both sides.


Want to Learn more about how to adapt Pydio to your business environment or the features offered at Pydio?

→ Check out our videos on Getting Started or Sharing Files and Folders

Control your costs

- With Pydio, you can assure that you are getting a great ROI. Pydio will never charge based on the amount of data you need to store, and you can add on the savings by using your existing infrastructure.

- Finally, throw in that our solution is highly-intuitive, you can save on training costs for your end-users.


Want to see how affordable the Pydio solution can be for your business?

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Don't take our word for it

- Pydio has clients in over 45+ countries, with millions of end-users among them.

- Clients come from a wide range of industries, from tech giantslaw firmseducationfinancial and healthcare sectors to small and medium design and real estate firms.


Want to see how the leading organizations are using Pydio?

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