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    Hi all :) (And sorry for my bad english)

    I installed Pydio 8 on an VM (ubuntu server 16.04) and everything is working well. Here is my basic config, with that i can log via the AD with no problems.


    (Yes sorry this is french, though easy to understand as this is the user auth window — btw WORKGROUP is the name of my domain, dont ask why 😆 ).

    Now i want the authenticating to be done trough a specific group of the AD. The name of this group could simply be ‘Pydio’. I tried everything, but users in that group cant be found when i test the connection.

    I added (memberOf=Pydio) in the user auth window, tried to config the group scheme, attribute mapping etc. Pydio still cant find the user.

    Im pretty sure the solution is very simple, but i cant find it. Any help please ?

    Thank you 😉

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    We are migrating to a new forum on, could you kindly register there and post a new message ?

    Charles, Pydio author - doing my best to help !
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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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