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    I’ve been working on implementing a small pydio site and overall have been happy.

    However one thing concerns me. The phrasing of the community edition banner at the bottom is extremely off-putting as it implies to users that this site is not supported by anyone, or illegal.

    I know that’s not technically what it means, but that’s what they think when they see it.

    I’ve read previous posts on this subject, and the response seems to be that you must leave the text exactly as is.

    However, reading the AGPL license text, as far as I can tell you only need to preserve source links on the interface. I can’t find a section that allows requiring additional arbitrary text to be displayed.

    So basically I’d like some clarification as to either:

    -Can I change it to something like “Pydio Community Edition – (with link)”

    or if not,

    -which section(s) of the license prohibits this


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    This is a tricky subject, that would probably require lawyers intervening, depending in which country you reside, the outcome of reasoning about those topics would probably vary.

    First we need to distinguish 2 things that are different:
    – Copyright
    – License

    It is my understanding, that removing a copyright mention is infringing on copyright, especially since our Enterprise license exists to give you the right to do exactly that.

    If you don’t have too many users, but enough to care about copyright mentions, you should inquire about an enterprise license:

    Here are some more random infos: (French) (Something about Canadian law)

    P.S. The copyright owner (Charles), is out of office this week, he may precise the answer next week.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    To clarify, I have no interest in removing copyright information or making it harder for the users to get a source. I’m very proud to support Open Source throughout my business, and believe the world would be a better place if it was more widely adopted.

    It’s just that (since I last used it back in the AjaxExplorer days) pydio has become nagware, with popups and user-scaring text. It seems evident that these commits were made in order to encourage commercial purchases, not in order to improve the software.

    I’m mostly curious to what extent software freedom allows me to alter this behaviour.

    If the answer is ‘none at all’, then I’ll move on to my next option which is LGPL licensed.

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    So I’ve reviewed the license once again, and here’s what I’ve got. From section 0:

    An interactive user interface displays “Appropriate Legal Notices”
    to the extent that it includes a convenient and prominently visible
    feature that (1) displays an appropriate copyright notice, and (2)
    tells the user that there is no warranty for the work (except to the
    extent that warranties are provided), that licensees may convey the
    work under this License, and how to view a copy of this License. If
    the interface presents a list of user commands or options, such as a
    menu, a prominent item in the list meets this criterion.

    Even if the license did mention this text, I don’t think it would stand. From section 7:

    All other non-permissive additional terms are considered “further
    restrictions” within the meaning of section 10. If the Program as you
    received it
    , or any part of it, contains a notice stating that it is
    governed by this License along with a term that is a further
    restriction, you may remove that term.

    Can anyone point to a license term that would prevent me from moving this notice into a “powered by pydio” badge, or a “License info” menu entry?

    Charles, do you agree that this would be acceptable attribution and disclaimer of warranty as per the license terms?

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    Hi Scotch.
    As you get it, yes we are trying to encourage people to go commercial, as it in fact helps paying good developers and at the end it does help the product for both community and enterprise distributions :-)
    I’ll send you a PM

    Charles, Pydio author - doing my best to help !
    If you like the software or want to say thanks, pay by a tweet, mention #pydio or follow us

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