Pydio 9 - Tech Preview 1

Created on 2017/12/07
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Today we are happy to unveil a Technology Preview of the next major release of Pydio. Pydio 9 is currently being fully rewritten using the #Go language, a modern server-oriented language supported by Google. Most of the backend features are being migrated in a brand new micro-service architecture. Frontend is still a PHP + JS application that will be installed in the same way as the current stable version of Pydio.

This Tech Preview is released for testing only, it is not ready for production. There is no update available from Pydio 8.

A dedicated separate website will provide all necessary documentation for installing, testing and troubleshooting this release: 


Pydio 9 Simple Schema.png

Please read carefully and the instructions, particularly regarding how to get help and support on this version. Please do not post in the forum to avoid confusing current stable users with questions about this tech preview.

This is a work in progress, and the road will still be long, but the whole team is very excited about this technology switch, and we hope you will start playing with it and report any issues you find!


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