cec version isrelease

Check if a given string represents a valid RELEASE version



Check the passed string to validate that it respects semantic versioning rules and represents a valid release version. It returns an error if the string is not correctly formatted or represents a SNAPSHOT.

Under the hood, we try to parse the version string using the hashicorp/go-version library. We then check that the passed string is not a pre-release, that is that is not suffixed by "a hyphen and a series of dot separated identifiers immediately following the patch version", see: https://semver.org

In case the passed version is not a valid release version, the process prints an error and exits with status 1. Otherwise it simply exits silently with status 0.


A valid release version: cec version isvalid 2.0.6

A non release version: cec version isvalid 2.0.6-dev.20191205

cec version isrelease [flags]


  -h, --help   help for isrelease

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string     Location of Cells Client's config files, usually /home/bsinou/.config/pydio/cells-client
      --login string      The user login, for Client auth only
      --no_cache          Force token refresh at each call. This might slow down scripts with many calls
      --password string   The user password, for Client auth only
      --skip_keyring      Explicitly tell the tool to *NOT* try to use a keyring, even if present. Warning: sensitive information will be stored in clear text
      --skip_verify       By default the Cells Client verifies the validity of TLS certificates for each communication. This option skips TLS certificate verification
  -t, --token string      A valid Personal Access Token
  -u, --url string        The full URL of the target server


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