cells completion

./cells completion

Add auto-completion helper to Cells


Install completion helper for Pydio Cells.

This command installs an additional plugin to provide suggestions when working with the Cells and hitting the 'tab' key.

1) Using Bash

On Linux, you must insure the 'bash-completion' library is installed:

on Debian / Ubuntu
    sudo apt install bash-completion

on RHEL / CentOS
    sudo yum install bash-completion

on MacOS (make sure to follow the instructions displayed on Homebrew)
    brew install bash-completion

Then, to enable completion in your current session: source <(./cells completion bash)

Or in a persistent manner: Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS ./cells completion bash | sudo tee /etc/bash_completion.d/cells

    ./cells completion bash | tee /usr/local/etc/bash_completion.d/cells

2) Using Zsh

Add to current zsh session:
    source <(./cells completion zsh)

Add in a persistent manner:
    ./cells completion zsh | sudo tee <path>/<to>/<your-zsh-completion-folder>

On macOS
    ./cells completion zsh | tee /Users/<your current user>/.zsh/completion/_cells
./cells completion [flags]


  -h, --help   help for completion

Options inherited from parent commands

      --broker string                     Pub/sub service for events between services (currently nats only) (default "nats")
      --broker_address string             Broker port (default ":4222")
      --enable_metrics                    Instrument code to expose internal metrics
      --enable_pprof                      Enable pprof remote debugging
      --fork                              Used internally by application when forking processes
      --grpc_cert string                  Certificates used for communication via grpc
      --grpc_external string              External port exposed for gRPC (may be fixed if no SSL is configured or a reverse proxy is used)
      --grpc_key string                   Certificates used for communication via grpc
      --log string                        Sets the log level mode (default "info")
      --registry string                   Registry used to manage services (currently nats only) (default "nats")
      --registry_address string           Registry connection address (default ":4222")
      --registry_cluster_address string   Registry cluster address (default ":5222")
      --registry_cluster_routes string    Registry cluster routes
      --transport string                  Transport protocol for RPC (default "grpc")
      --transport_address string          Transport protocol port (default ":4222")


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