Build your own document repository for confidential data.

Financial institutions have to comply with the highest standards for digital storage security: therefore they usually ban SaaS-based filesharing solutions. Yet they have to share documents with a great number of internal and external partners, while securing sensitive financial information to meet regulatory requirements.

  • Data security: works on your own server and storage (on-premise or private cloud)

  • Collaborate on confidential information thanks to permission-based shares and password-protected links

  • Manage your own Virtual Data Rooms to accelerate all your processes for loans, deals, due diligences...

  • Track system activity in real time to avoid data leaks, and get alerts for specific sensitive documents

Security is the golden rule

  • Install Pydio in a firewalled environment with direct access restricted to inner-company users. Your data stays on your storage, and is managed by you, and only you.
  • Your data is encrypted at rest and your exchanges are protected with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols.
  • You can also protect your server when creating public share links by pointing towards a different server address: your server ID thus remains hidden to the outside


Manage and Control your files efficiently


  • Based on its Workspace approach, Pydio allows you to securely set up as many virtual Data Rooms as needed and improve your workflows through centralized file access.
  • Set individual access permissions for individual users, and manage rights access at a granular level. Protect your shares with passwords, limit the number of downloads, or set a time-limit for downloads...
  • Track system access and activity in real time : you get detailed metrics, you can set up alerts and email notifications, and you can interrupt any live session that would be suspicious or unwanted.


Simplify your business processes and improve your productivity


  • Personalize Pydio with your own logo and design to improve your customers’ brand experience.
  • You can create an external portal for each customer / investor, and grant them a confidential and secure access to their related data.
  • With our easy-to-use mobile apps and sync client, your collaborators get remote file access, thus increasing their productivity. And you can serve documents on tablets for COMEX meetings. Meanwhile your data stays secure and under control.