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Accéder à vos fichiers partout avec votre terminal iOS ou Android grâce à nos applications!


Install our dedicated Pydio client from Google Play, and enjoy your files on-the-go.

Pydio client for Android allows you to leverage the built-in capacities of your device, you can view, download and manage your Pydio files from your device.

Feature overview:

  • Login with your standard Pydio login and get direct access to your workspaces. Authentification already supports Basic HTTP as well as self-signed SSL certificates.
  • Details / Thumbnails View
  • Preview image files using the built-in previewer (that will use lightweight thumbnails generated by Pydio when possible).
  • Select media from your device library and upload directly to the server. We also recommend installing OI FileManager to be able to pick any file on your SDCard for uploading to the server.
  • Stream audio / video to your device (server version must be greater than 3.4 for this, otherwise the file be downloaded first before viewing).
  • Edit text files inside the application and save them back to the server
  • Open any file types with external applications installed on your device, including Office documents, movies, pictures
  • And of course, perform standard file actions like moving items accross folders, deleting them, or creating new folders.


With our iOS application you can view, dowload, edit and manage your workspaces on-the-go.

Feature overview:

  • Layouts for iPhones and iPads.
  • View and preview all sorts of files (images, texts, Office documents, PDF, etc…) using iPhone documents previewer, and using the built-in Pydio lightweight thumbnails when possible.
  • Capture media from camera or from library and upload directly to the server!
  • Stream audio / video to your iPhone (server version must be greater than 3.4 for this, otherwise the file be downloaded first before viewing).
  • Edit text files
  • swipe actions
  • Cache arborescences and files data locally : you can download a movie and keep it for later viewing.
  • Open documents from other applications (like Mail) and upload them to the server.
  • Perform standard file actions like copy/move, create, delete or rename.
  • Lock the application with a PIN code for better security (Autolocking)
  • Bookmarks: Pydio bookmarks can be used through the application
  • Search: Search engine is available. (Note for server administrators: server support of index.lucene is required)
  • Basic HTTP Authentication and SSL support
  • “Pull to refresh” implementation
  • Preloading photos in background for fast viewing
  • Send images by email
  • Auth.remote: if your Pydio installation is using the bridges with external CMS’s for authentication, the configuration maybe a bit tricky but it should still be working. Make sure to read the auth.remote plugins instruction carefully (the MASTER_XXX options).
  • LaCie users : if you are using the embedded mechanism, there is now a dedicated LaCie MyNAS application on the AppStore, please use it instead of our.
  • QNAP users: if still running AjaXplorer 2.X, this will NOT work! However, upgrading to the new version seems really simple (from what other users report) : leave the QPKG package as is, delete all files in the /Web/AjaXplorer folder and upload the latest version to the same folder.