CLISerializableResponseChunk Interface CLISerializableResponseChunk
JSONSerializableResponseChunk Interface JSONSerializableResponseChunk Piece of response that can be serialized into JSON. Must return a "key" and additional data to be serialized.
SerializableResponseChunk Interface SerializableResponseChunk Generic piece of response that can be serialized.
XMLDocSerializableResponseChunk Interface XMLDocSerializableResponseChunk Piece of response that will be serialized as a whole XML document
XMLSerializableResponseChunk Interface XMLSerializableResponseChunk Piece of response serialized as XML.


AsyncResponseStream Class AsyncResponseStream Response Stream built with a callable that will be called when the stream is read.
FileReaderResponse Class FileReaderResponse Async class that can be used as a Body for a ResponseInterface. Will read the file or data when the reponse is emitted.
SerializableResponseStream Class SerializableResponseStream Transport stream for various data types that can be serialized to various formats