7 Best Practices for Document Sharing with Clients and Partners

Created on 2022/03/02

In today’s business world, the wall between staff, contractors, partners, and clients is increasingly being blurred. Collaboration is now key, and the ability to share documents and workspaces, and work as a team on those documents is a must. Most organizations have a handle on managing their own internal document sharing and collaboration. What isn’t always well-defined is what special steps you should take to securely share documents with contractors, partners, and clients.

Collaborating Securely

So here are 7 Best Practices for secure document sharing and collaboration with folks outside your organization:

  1. KISS – Keep it simple, stupid. No matter the collaboration platform you use and the policies you adopt, make sure you have ease of end-user adoption in mind – making users’ lives more complicated will only encourage avoidance.

  1. Make It Compatible – Support the widest variety of file types. Otherwise, your users will opt for third-party solutions to bridge the gaps, putting your documents at risk.

  1. Security First  – If security is a major concern, choose a self-hosted solution, so you control your documents throughout their lifecycle, at rest and in use.

  1. UAM Is Key – Implement User Access Management (UAM) policies for documents shared outside your organization. The importance of this can’t be overstated: partners and clients have very different needs and present very different risks. 

    1. Define user privilege levels for externally shared documents

    2. Implement a minimum access policy (each user gets only the minimum level of access for their needs)

    3. Offer time-limited access (put expiry dates on external links to minimize risk over time)

  2. Govern your data – Develop Data Governance policies to determine and manage document retention (what documents are kept for how long)

  3. Trust but Verify – Carry out regular usage audits to ensure your policies are being applied correctly.

  1. Explain It to Me Like I’m Five – Create simple, easy-to-consult explainer documents or videos to share with partners, collaborators, and clients to help them get oriented and stay on track in your system.

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