Federated Sharing : Pydio connects with Owncloud and joins OpenCloudMesh initiative

Created on 2016/04/08

What does Federated Sharing mean ?

The goal of Federated Sharing is to have the possibility to share files between different servers and various implementations of file sync and share services, while preserving the ease of use, the flexibility and the strong level of security that you get with self hosted, on premise solutions.

In this respect, the release of Pydio 6.4 is big news for the community ! 

Let us explain...

File sharing between Pydio and ownCloud implementations

First of all, you can now share files between different Pydio instances, meaning that although you are running different Pydio servers, users can now share files like they were on the same.
But The Pydio tech team did more thant that and worked hard on allowing Pydio and ownCloud users to connect, so that any Pydio/ownCloud user can now share files in a simple and secure way. To reach this result, Pydio and ownCloud have been collaborating for the past few months in order to be able to connect Pydio and ownCloud implementations.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 14.20.37.png












Joining the OpenCloudMesh initiative for interconnected private clouds between Universities and Researchers

OpenCloudMesh is a joint international initiative under the umbrella of the GÉANT Association (Europe's leading collaboration on e-infrastructure and services for research and education.)

It has a very simple goal: to be an open and vendor agnostic standard for private cloud interoperability. 


Pydio has always been at the forefront of new initiatives regarding the file sync and share services and is currently playing an active part in developing an open standard to interconnect private clouds globally.

Here again, Pydio and ownCloud are working hand in hand on an API project, the objective of this early partnership being to develop a new standard that could be useful for any file sync and share service.

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