Get Into the Flow State

Flows in Cells no-code automation builder giving you the power to: create automated workflows, integrate with other systems,  strengthen security posture
... and much, much more.

Supercharge your Pydio Cells with Flows’ custom automations.

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Use Cases

There are lots of great document-sharing and collaboration solutions, but if you need to self-host and have enterprise-level requirements for scalability, security, flexibility and automation, Pydio Cells with Cells Flows is your best choice. Flows is our powerful no-code scripting engine that allows you to choose from off-the-shelf templates, customize those templates or build your own workflows from scratch. With Cells Flows, make Pydio the exact tool your organization needs.
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Intelligent File Management

Automate repetitive and time-consuming file management tasks, from backups to metadata to archiving.

Efficient System Maintenance

Reduce the grunt work and let your admin team focus on their priorities.

Automated Access Management

Manage document lifecycle to reduce your surface of attack, streamline compliance, and eliminate overprivileged accounts.

Data Formatting & Conversion

Set of tools to help your organization handle extraction, reformatting and processing efficiency

Data Analysis, Insights & Reporting

Find data to produce reports and presentations for external compliance or internal performance monitoring

Workflow Automation

Combine multiple actions and steps into a single streamlined workflow that uses automation and human inputs to improve a business process.

Cross-Platform Connectivity

Connect your file sharing with outside systems and services.

Orchestration & Scripting

Develop complex custom solutions and integrations quickly, cost-effectively, and without putting your documents and systems at risk.
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Drag-and-Connect, It's as Easy as That!

Flows drag-and-drop interface lets you create and manage workflows directly in Cells.

  • Chain pre-built components together to build fast flows.

  • Set conditional queries and filters as triggers 

  • Use variables, templates, and scripts to build complex Flows 


​Your creativity is the limit! Check out our step-by-step video guide for creating a simple job.

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Get a Head Start with Templates

Templates are the fast, easy way to get started with Flows. 

Add your configurations, and you can leverage these off-the-shelf Flows in minutes. Or use them as a bootstrap to create your own custom Flows.

We already have templates for most common automation challenges, and we add new templates weekly.

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Build Custom Flows fast with Reusable Blocks

Cells Flows is bundled with a set of customizable blocks (actions, triggers, queries, etc.) that cover a wide range of simple tasks. 

By combining Blocks using Flows’ drag-and-drop interface and then adding your configurations, you can quickly create new workflows to automate challenging, time-consuming or repetitive processes.

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Integration With Third-Party Tools

Cells Flows makes it a breeze to integrate Pydio Cells with third-party tools or services:

Integrate your own file processor via the server command-line interface. 

Use webhooks to call external services like IFTTT or Zapier using JSON format.

Upload/download files to/from other servers with FTP or HTTP.

Trigger programmed jobs from outside using Cells scheduler API.

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Take Your Security to the Next Level with Cells Flows

Security is vital, but it can also be time-consuming. Flows can help you implement powerful security strategies that won’t add extra hours and responsibilities. Here are three examples of how Pydio customers are using Flows to up their security game.
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Reducing Attack Surface

  • Client wanted to reduce attack surface by automating document lifecycle management
  • Implemented a multiple-step timer approach – monitoring docs, tagging inactive ones, and eventually deleting
  • The volume of documents to be secured dropped by 25%

Antivirus Scans

  • Client wanted to automatically run antivirus scans on incoming docs 

  • Created Flow to send all uploaded files to the antivirus and append result metadata

  • All files are scanned at upload or creation to prevent virus propagation


  • Client wanted to implement deny-by-default to prevent overprivileged accounts

  • Created a Flow to automate the creation of new workspace roles via ACL 

  • New accounts start with minimum privs reducing impacts security breaches

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Combine No Code Approach with Advanced Scripting

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Criteria-based filters provide an intuitive user interface to build specific conditions for filtering data or fetching it from Cells internal services. Conditions can be nested and combined with "AND/OR" operators.

Conditional filters can create "IF/ELSE" branches to decide when to apply a sequence of action.

Filters, actions and queries parameters accept Template Variables, whose values can be computed dynamically at runtime based on the data coming from previous actions.

Template variables can be modified by functions, and some advanced actions support a scripting language to write your own piece of code!

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Get Started

Interested in Cells Flows?

Cells Flows is sold as an add-on to Cells Enterprise and Cells Connect. Please fill in your information and our Flows experts will help you set up, fine-tune, and troubleshoot your workflows.

Pricing is based on the number of workflows you want to create. The Pydio team can provide custom development support (for an additional cost).

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