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Supercharge your Pydio Cells with Flows’ custom automations.

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Take Your Security to the Next Level with Cells Flows

Security is vital, but it can also be time-consuming. Our Flows automations help you implement powerful security strategies in a way that doesn’t add extra hours and responsibilities to your already busy admins.
Pydio comes out of the box with numerous security features like eight levels of access control and embedded IP banning capabilities. But Flows can help you take your security to another level. Here are three examples of how Pydio customers are using Cells Flows automations to up their security game.
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Reducing Attack Surface

  • Client wanted to reduce attack surface by automating document lifecycle management
  • Via Flows, client implemented a multiple-step timer approach – monitoring docs, tagging inactive ones, and eventually deleting
  • The volume of documents to be secured dropped by 25%, and storage costs went down

Antivirus Scans

  • Client wanted to automatically scan all incoming docs using a custom antivirus platform 
  • Created a new flow to send all uploaded files to the antivirus using a shell action and appending result metadata
  • As a result, every file is scanned at upload, and new files are scanned at creation (or modification) to ensure infected files aren’t propagated


  • Client wanted to implement a deny-by-default strategy to reduce the risk of overprivileged accounts
  • Created a Flow to automate the creation of new workspace roles via ACL using Anko script to define custom rules
  • The result: new accounts start out with minimum necessary privileges, reducing the possible impacts of any security breaches

Drag-and-Connect Actions in the Browser

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Cells Flows provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create and manage jobs directly inside the Cells Console.

  • Customizable components (actions) can be chained together and launched by specific events or by scheduled triggers

  • Conditional queries and filters provide a “no-code” approach to pull data and to trigger a workflow based on incoming data.

  • Variables, templates and scripts can be used to create complex workflows with their own parameters, providing deep access to Cells internals for the most advanced users.


Your creativity is the limit! Checkout our step-by-step video guide for creating a simple job.

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Ready-Made Components

Cells Flows is bundled with a set of carefully-crafted, customizable actions that cover a wide-range of tasks. 

Simulate user actions on files and folders (copy, move, rename, delete…), create archives, update user-defined metadata like Tags.

Read/write files contents for custom processing or generating reports.

Read and transform Cells “identity management” objects (users, workspaces, roles, ACLs…) and listen to their custom events (user logged, public link created, etc...)

Interact with outside world by sending emails, calling webhooks, etc.

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Template Flows

While creating a simple Flow by connecting events to actions is easy, implementing complex use cases may require a test-and-learn approach.

Templates are an easy way to start with ready-to-use scenarios and to help you learn to create your own custom Flows. Our off-the-shelf templates cover most aspects of Cells Flows, from files/folders actions to advanced scripting and customizations.

Enrich your own library by saving your Flows as templates. You can also export them in JSON format for backing them up or importing them from another Cells instance.

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Integration With Third-Party Tools

Cells Flows makes it a breeze to integrate Pydio Cells with third-party tools or services:

Integrate your own file processor via the server command-line interface. 

Use webhooks to call external services like IFTTT or Zapier using JSON format.

Upload/download files to/from other servers with FTP or HTTP.

Trigger programmed jobs from outside using Cells scheduler API.

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Combine No Code Approach with Advanced Scripting

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Criteria-based filters provide an intuitive user interface to build specific conditions for filtering data or fetching it from Cells internal services. Conditions can be nested and combined with "AND/OR" operators.

Conditional filters can create "IF/ELSE" branches to decide when to apply a sequence of action.

Filters, actions and queries parameters accept Template Variables, whose values can be computed dynamically at runtime based on the data coming from previous actions.

Template variables can be modified by functions, and some advanced actions support a scripting language to write your own piece of code!

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Get Started

Interested in Cells Flows?

Cells Flows is sold as an add-on to Cells Enterprise and Cells Connect. Please fill in your information and our Flows experts will help you set up, fine-tune, and troubleshoot your workflows.

Pricing is based on the number of workflows you want to create. The Pydio team can provide custom development support (for an additional cost).

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