Simple to Set Up. Fast to Configure. Easy to Maintain.

Deploying, rolling out, supporting, and maintaining self-hosted software from start to finish can be a pain compared to SaaS. At Pydio, we do things differently. Pydio is enterprise-grade software that can be deployed in a matter of hours. Configured in days. And then, rolled out to end-users without specialized training or support. Cells is open-core – relying on a proven ecosystem of standards used by the biggest names in tech and designed to handle heavy loads with high performance and control.

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Why Do IT Departments Choose Pydio?

Cloud-ready, scalable, customizable, low maintenance, secure and fast to deploy – these are just a few of the reasons IT teams choose Pydio Cells.
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On-prem, hybrid-cloud, private-cloud ready

Fast deployment and rollout with step-by-step documentation

Scalable for the big data world

Easy, safe SSO integration via OPEN ID, Active Directory, LDAP, SAML

Bridges and unifies all document sources via hardened API

Cells Flows automates repetitive, time-consuming tasks

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Integrate with Everything

Connect to multiple storage locations and to all your user directories, integrate with external APIs.

Local FS or Network Mount, Object Storage (S3-Compatible, Azure Blob, Google Cloud Storage).

Autonomous user sync on LDAP, AD, SAML, OpenID, and more.

Automated provisioning with hardened, well-documented REST APIs.

Integrate with third-party services via Cells Flows and CLI, Webhooks, and HTTP/FTP.

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Enterprise-level Scalability without the Complexity (or Cost)

Pydio 4.0 leverages our radically simplified architecture and best-in-class cloud technologies like Helm and Kubernetes to put enterprise-level scalability within everyone’s reach.

Multi-node set-ups are easy, and Cells is now fully cloud-ready across platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform or your own hybrid cloud infrastructure without compromising our category-leading security capabilities. Read the Admin Guide for more in-depth details.

Cells provides data and log parsing tools like Grafana and Prometheus to allow admins to quickly identify performance issues on heavy-demand services to allocate more resources and restart them when necessary.

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What Customers Say About Pydio

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Pydio helped us solve many regulatory compliance issues. We needed a fast-to-deploy on-premise solution to allow auditable file exchanges with our customers and Pydio really fits the bill. Pydio's premium remote support was the cherry on the cake.

Dimitri R - Security & System administrator at major Insurance company

We've been using Pydio for years now and the platform has always met our needs for end user experience and advanced security. Today we have more than 10 Pydio instances and they are at the heart of our customer data exchanges. Moreover, GDPR has strengthened our desire to control our data and Pydio responds very well to this need.

Jeremy Godefroy - Deputy IT Manager at Inter Public Group

We’ve been using Pydio Cells at CY Cergy Paris Université as a sovereign solution for our research staff since early 2019. Following the increased need for collaboration during the Covid19 crisis, we opened the tool to all university staff. It meets our needs very well and is easy to learn. The granular access management via the 'Cells' concept is very flexible and efficient.

Baptiste Mary - Computer Science and Digital at CY Cergy Paris Université

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Pydio was created as an enterprise platform, and our team of customer success specialists and expert engineers is standing by to help support your deployment.

We provide Level 3 support for enterprise clients, with rapid troubleshooting when an incident is logged. Enterprise support includes:

  • Support and bug-tracking via the Enterprise Customer Dashboard
  • Unlimited incidents during the course of a valid subscription (reasonable use),
  • Guaranteed response time (6 hours, 9:30 - 17:30, 5x7, business days),
  • Guaranteed diagnosis time (3 business days),
  • Guaranteed workaround time (10 business days).

We also offer a Premium Remote Support package covering remote installation, migration, upgrades, performance optimizations, and custom code debugging.

Contact us for more information --> 

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Streamline Repetitive Tasks with Cells Flows

Did you run the backup this week? Have you purged all the old files recently? Have you reviewed all the incoming files?

Pydio Cells Flows is a powerful new tool that lets you assemble customizable components via a drag and drop interface to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks that are a drag on productivity and your bottom line. 

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What's New At Pydio?

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Pydio Cells & Enterprise 4.4.0
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